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Change log

  • [02/24/16] Added a donations page, and added the elemental stats for armor.
  • [02/19/16] Updated all mutations - 99% of all mutations are documented.
  • [02/17/16] Added a logo (thanks Prismuth!) and updated a couple other parts of the website (mutation descriptions, ability descriptions and mutations).
  • [02/14/16] A few bug fixes.
  • [02/13/16] Added weapon elemental stats.
  • [02/11/16] Added all quests (see header).
  • [02/07/16] Made item tables sortable.
  • [02/05/16] Added abilities (sorted by category), crystal surges and the Mutation Station, a tool for keeping track of mutations.
  • [02/03/16] Added headgear, torsos, leg gear, full body gear and shields.
  • [02/02/16] Added weapons, accessories and equipment traits.
  • [02/01/16] Site opening with items and monsters.